Our business wouldn't be able to operate without our remarkable staff whose dedication and passion are exhibited every single day. Many have been here more years than some of  the ages of our youngest staff members! Here at Stone Creek Inn we really are family. And our goal as a staff is to make you, our guest feel like you are a part of our family too.   Lets meet the team. 

Gabrielle Walsh General Manager/ Wine Director. Gabi joined the Stone Creek family in 2007 and took the manager reins in September 2014. She is the curator of our wine list, which has received Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence since 2006. Gabi has also ushered us into the social media sphere and our Instagram page has become her baby.

Phil Eberhardt Social Chemist. Phil joined the Stone Creek fam in 2000 and is as well known for his delivery of a good joke as his making of a perfect martini.

Kory Ziccardi Catering Coordinator. Kory joined the Stone Creek fam in 2008.  Having grown up in her parents Massachusetts restaurant, hospitality flows through her veins. Her watchful eye and fine tuned attention to detail ensures the success of each and every event.                                                                                                                             

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